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Created26.06.2019 03:14

Tony Price (brownthumb) 26.06.2019 03:14
just finished a new map and can't get any hired help to work, fields are right, i own the land, even bought another field, that didn't work, there
is no barrier to prevent them from working. when i hit hire help button all i get is "helper (a_z) has finished task, have probably forgotten something
somewhere along the way, just don't know what it is, any help would appreciated!

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.06.2019 12:27
can anyone give me a list of reasons why hired help can't be hired?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.06.2019 13:38
There are much reasons, indeed too many to list them all. ;)
Here a few which are not easy to detect:
- invisible collisions, often remaining from map edits
- improper waterplane(s)
- in modmaps it happens sometimes, that the cultivator or fruit density map isn't setup properly, espec. at multi-sized maps or added fruits
- bad setup of vehicle's workarea, groundReferenceNodes, aiMarkers

Was useful if you tell us a little more ..
- which vehicle/tool?
- map details, size, added fruits?
- can the work be done manually (by yourself)?
- any warnings/errors in log?

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.06.2019 13:52
any vehicle, tool, normal size map, no added fruits, work can be done manually, no error's in log, only thing i see in your list that might be causing
it is the waterplane, will delete it and see what happens. thanks

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.06.2019 14:20
Thanks Bilbo, you put me on right track, it wasn't the waterPlane, but a hardPlane that i put under waterPlane to keep people from losing
vehicles. now question is, how to make hardPlane that won't interfere with worker's?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.06.2019 14:27
Should be enough if you lower the plane. In around 2-3m under surface it shouldn't disturb the AI anymore.
Perhaps fiddle around with the colli mask.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.06.2019 15:22
Well that didn't completely fix the problem, worker's will work with harvester's and planter's but will not work with cultivator's, that's with both hardPlane and waterPlane deleted, there's no coli mask painted anywhere near fields.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.06.2019 17:11
Myself had similar with a few modmaps. I'd assume the author had 'painted' some fields with an external paint program (directly into density maps) and perhaps forgotten some bits in the mask. After I had overworked manually the fields once in game, also the AI could handle the fields.

There's also a problem with the current GRLE converter. It doesn't resolve the bits for plow, fertilizer, lime (perhaps also weed). If you copy the converted PNG into map, these flags are missing.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.06.2019 18:35
This is a mod map, but it is the us map that i pulled from game myself, deleted everything from map flattened to 100 , erased all coli mask and farmland paint from it, non of the grle or density things in mapUS file were touched.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.06.2019 05:33
You said you erased all farmland layers? Did you setup them again properly?
If the farmland boundary is too near to non-owned or undefined farmland, the AI might refuse work.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 29.06.2019 20:37
Yes, farmland is setup properly, after i removed the hardPlane the AI will work in any of the fields when using the harvester's and seeders,
fertilizer spreader's, just can't get them to use the cultivators. they will work with the seeder's that have cultivator's built in, in the same field's that they refuse to work with just the cultivator.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.06.2019 21:29
Check the cultivator density map of the concerned fields. You need to convert the mapXX/cultivator_density.gdm to .png, load it into a paint program and check the (color) bits 0-2. At least one of the bits should be set (non-zero).
For reference: 000: Nothing (eg. harvested) 100: Cultivated, 010: Ploughed, 110: Seeded, 001: Seeded potatos
If 000 also bits/channels 3-9 must be 0
All other can confuse the AI.

Probably a good idea if you 're-paint' the fields in GE with the proper bitmask. ;)

Tony Price (brownthumb) 30.06.2019 00:22
"Probably a good idea if you 're-paint' the fields in GE with the proper bitmask. ;)"
please explain "proper bitmask".
all fields painted with Foliage Layer--terrainDetail, with Foliage Channels 0 box checked, nothing else checked, then i
painted over 1 small field with Foliage Layer---wheat, Layer State---harvested, that gives Foliage Channels 0, 5, 8 checked, can't be
cultivated with AI, painted over 1 field Foliage Layer---wheat, Layer State---harvest ready 3 that gives Foliage Channels 0, 5, 6, 7,
can be harvested with AI, can not be cultivated with AI after harvest, also when i load cultivator_density.png into i can
find no reference to (color) bits, keep in mind that im an old fart, disabled truck driver that never went to M I T. LoL

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.06.2019 07:51
If you have the FS game on DVD, look into "sdk\densityMaps.txt". There are the bitmasks described.
It is also posted here (in post #5) ->

You will notice that the bitmasks may differ, depending on map properties/organization.
So perhaps you have to try out several possibilities.

Caution: unluckily the bitmasks in GE are often in reverse order to programmer style (with bit0 right).

If you have set bit/channel 0 in terrain detail, this stands for 100 = cultivated, where seeded was 110.
This could be the reason why the AI cultivators don't work in your map.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 30.06.2019 11:11
Thanks Bilbo, i knew that sooner or later we would get it through my old thick skull, am guessing that there's nothing wrong with my map that a little time won't fix. AI is not going to cultivate ground that it sees as being already cultivated. lol, will have to wait for game to say ground needs to be
cultivated or plowed. did say i was getting old. thanks again.

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