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new county line map issues

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Created07.07.2019 06:52

Terry Kalmi (Unknown) 07.07.2019 06:52
having a couple error\warnings on the map and it locked up then
2019-07-06 21:55 Error: addRequiredCropType foliage must match the size of the ground terrain detail.

2019-07-06 21:34 WARNING: performing emergency garbage collection pass - memory went from 101996 KB to 229969 KB in less than one frame

2019-07-06 21:34 INFO: usage is now 119094 KB; full GC took 144.156757ms

2019-07-06 20:41 Warning (physics): Non-cpu collision mesh for 'aiCollisionTrigger' is being cooked at runtime - this will not work on consoles.

any ideas on these

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.07.2019 08:47
I don't think these errors lead to crash, only to bad performance. There must be something else.
At first load the map into GE and check console output or editor log.
Make sure your map has a waterplane with attribute 'isMainWater:true'.
After you have fixed all errors in GE log, test the map ingame (at first only with default vehicles).

The memory usage (warning from garbage collection) can be reduced significantly if you lower unnecessary 'Clip Distance'. The default 1000000 is much too high for minor details. You should adapt the clip distances to reasonable values.

The error from aiCollisionTrigger comes probably not from map, but from a vehicle. Search for it and set Shape:CPU Mesh

Terry Kalmi (Unknown) 15.07.2019 22:07
Bilbo Beutlin I checked the map and the only thing that says water is one that says "Water" and in that group is 9 that say "waterPlanetHQ".....
I also checked the console output in GE and only thing comes up is "info: transform group 'bush01' has elements very far out from cell edge (29.61% expansion)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.07.2019 23:27
You don't know the meaning of 'waterPlane'? Then look into video tutorials here.
Mostly it's under transform group 'waterPlanes', but may be hidden elsewhere.
In doubt load map.i3d into text editor and search for user attribute
<Attribute name="onCreate" type="scriptCallback" value="Environment.onCreateWater"/>
Additionally it should have
<Attribute name="isMainWater" type="boolean" value="true"/>
A missing main waterplane often leads to crash.

The "Error: addRequiredCropType ..." comes from inappropriate texture size/format of added fruits/crops. They must be re-formatted.

The 'bush01' you can forget. That's a Giants' glitch.

Terry Kalmi (Unknown) 15.07.2019 23:49
Bilbo Beutlin I did find the waterplane u mention after I posted while looking throw other map parts in GE. im new in the editing field and appreciate the advice.

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