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Giants Editor Vehicle and other scripts?

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Created22.07.2019 05:58

Nolan Carl (nolangene) 22.07.2019 05:58
In the video Tutorials section under FarmCon 18 Media Vault there is a video Modding for FS19. Engine, features, changes, tips - Stefan Maurus. In that video he shows a script for the fillVolume testing. Does any one know where this and other Giants editor scripts are? My GE 8.1.0 install does not have this one just scritps for decrementing and incerementing dirt. Would be really nice to have access to what Giants has shown?? Thank you,

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.07.2019 09:05
The default scripts are in GE install directory "scripts". You should have 16 LUAs in current version.
The user scripts are in user dir (AppData/Local/..).

The presented fillVolume script is perhaps intended for a later GE version. I'd assume the editor will also get an update - sooner or later. *g*
Of course would be nice if Giants' would publish not included scripts as a 'preview' version on this site.

Nolan Carl (nolangene) 22.07.2019 15:52
Interesting I just downloaded and reinstalled Giants editor 8.1.0 and checked the scripts folder before and after no lua scripts in the folder. Am I missing a step somewhere? Thanks for the response by the way.

Nolan Carl (nolangene) 22.07.2019 16:05
Update to your post Bilbo I found by looking at the editor.xml where it was looking for its base scripts. The program looks at programfiles/giants...... there in the scripts folder I found the FS19 folder with the scripts that the edit shows in the menu tab item. AppData only had the paint terrain by spline_3.lua that I added at some point. So it is for user added scripts.

Yes I agree it is very hard not to scream when they show something and months later it is still not available. Uahhhh.

Thanks again for the reply

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