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Created30.07.2019 14:41

Andrei Sprinseana (xsenio) 30.07.2019 14:41
After patch 1.4, this warning appears in the log. There were more of them, but I eliminated them, and this is the default crane that loads with the card at the same time, and how can I fix it?

WARNING: static shape 'crane_main_component1' is marked COMPOUND
WARNING: static shape 'craneCabinCol' is marked COMPOUND_CHILD

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.07.2019 15:23
The crane isn't used in Giants' maps. That's probably why it didn't get an update.

You may simply ignore the warning, or you export/import the crane into your map (i3d and xml). It's in $data/vehicles/lizard/crane/..
You can simply copy the files, but then you have to adapt the i3d filepaths manually. Anyway you have to adapt the filepaths in the xml's, also in the item files from map and perhaps savegame.

Then load the map's crane.i3d into text editor and search for the referenced shapes. There you set 'compound' resp. 'compoundChild' from "true" to "false".

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