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Combining two terrain transform groups

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Created05.08.2019 17:32

Unknown 05.08.2019 17:32
Hey there,
I'm trying to combine several smaller maps into a larger one. Imagine a x64 map with several already existing maps placed thoughout and then me building the map in between.
So far I got a completely empty map with a flat terrain-transform group and I'm able to import another terrain-transform group from an already existing map.
Here comes my question: Is there a way to combine both terrain-transform groups into one?
Up to this point I can only place them on top of each other but I can imagine that this is not very resource friendly besides the point that it gets messy in the editor. Adittionally I'm not able to reliably pick which one of the two to sculpt using the terrain editing tool.

Help and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.08.2019 00:33
Look into the i3d <TerrainTransformGroup .. (text view) and you'll see why it's nearly impossible to merge different maps.
Amount and order of all layers had to be identical, also the describing xml attributes.

That's only possible if the maps had the same source, eg. modified clones from the default "mapDE.i3d". Even the other map "mapUS.i3d" could not be merged because it is slightly different. Though it could be handled with some efford by manually editing the xml code.
Theoretically also possible with other maps by manual editing if you are very experienced. However a work for weeks upto years. *g*

In any case the GE cannot manage it.

Unknown 06.08.2019 13:06
Oh thats a bummer but thanks for the clear answer.

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