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Fs17 Maps to FS19

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Created15.11.2019 19:14

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 15.11.2019 19:14
hi is there a way to use fs17 maos in fs19 as theres a map in fs17 that i really like.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.11.2019 20:26
Without changes pre-FS19 mods/maps cannot be used in FS19.
There's a little chance that "cloud conversion" might work for simple mods/maps.
Try in GE 8.1 "Open Mod" on the If you're lucky, you need only some 'fine-tuning' afterwards.
This will not work for mods which don't use standard methods or have custom scripts.

Try also googling for a FS19 version of the map. Many popular maps (and other mods) have been converted already.

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 18.11.2019 02:12
ok ty how would i know if it worked?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.11.2019 10:55
Quite simple: if you can play it and there are no errors in log.

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 18.11.2019 19:30
ok i did what you said but when it gets to converting mod it stops working

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.11.2019 21:04
What's so difficult to understand? Either it works - or NOT.
If the cloud conversion fails, the map must be converted manually. And for this you'll need enhanced experience in map building.

Keith Rudolph (eknievel115) 19.11.2019 02:22
ok no need to be rude tyvm for the help

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