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Need assistance creating a map

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Created22.11.2019 01:12

Roy Dallas (rlkjmt73) 22.11.2019 01:12
I'm creating my own map, and when I created the storePlace1Start and storePlace1End it looks just like other maps. However, when I go into the game and attempt to purchase any item, I receive an error message that states, "Delivery space blocked! Please move other items out of the way." I have no other items of any sort between the start and end marks. I've also moved the start and end to different locations, and I still get the same error. In GE I have vehicleShopGameplay, then under that, storePlace1Start, under that, storePlace1End, also under vehicleShopGameplay I have vehicleShopTrigger with triggericonVehicleShop and vehicleShopPlayerSpawn. Appreciate any assistance, and hope I explained enough. Thanks...Roy.....Using FS19 and GE v8.1.0.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2019 08:06
This can also appear if you're trying to buy a faulty mod vehicle.
If it occurs with a game default vehicle, there's something wrong with your spawn area.
Make sure the 'storePlaceStart' has user attribute "onCreate: BaseMission.onCreateStoreSpawnPlace". Also the 'storePlaceEnd' should have merely a translation in X-direction, not Z.

Roy Dallas (rlkjmt73) 22.11.2019 19:30
Thanks for the info Bilbo. I'm sure I have everything correct of what you stated (I double checked it), however, it's still giving me the same error. I'll keep plugging away with it. I only created about 1/4 of the map, so I may just start over. I used a blank map, and it didn't have but a couple of items on it. I'll use another map which has the store info and other items I know I will need. Then I'll just move them to where I need them. Thanks again for the info. If you have any more suggestions please send them my way, since I'm definitely up for suggestions.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.11.2019 22:02
Check for invisible collisions, perhaps remaining from earlier edits. See -> F5 Toggle debug rendering

Also be sure to have actual GRLE collision maps -> GE menu scripts / fs19 / map / create ground collision map
This will generate new colMap.grle and plcMap.grle

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