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Creating map [scale 4x]

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Created26.11.2019 23:33

Ravlie 26.11.2019 23:33

I'd like to create fresh map with only terrain and all the needed files like: waterPlainMain with additional files etc.
Do I have to scale any textures and which files?

I wasn't watching this full video yet but it's from FS17 -
does it change anything much?

Maybe someone started similar thread about creating fresh map with terrain? Thanks for any help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2019 00:26
Creating a 4x map from scratch requires hard work. Very much files have to be converted or re-scaled.

Why not simply take an already present 4x empty map? Available at many hosters.

Ravlie 01.12.2019 22:08
One question why mapDE_dem.png needs to be 2049x2049 while the original file resolution is 1025x1025? What happens if I just resize the file x2 and it's 2050x2050? Anything happens?

What is plcMap.grle? If I use the create ground collision script it creates only colMap and plcColMap. As well I don't get this file also mapDE.i3d.terrain.weights.cache

There's also infoLayer.grle which I can't find in original game folder.

If I have all the files prepared as .png how do I open the editor to make it save them as .grle and .gdm back again (using 8.1.0 editor) and for ex. change the mapDE.i3d to a different name?

Ravlie 03.12.2019 01:00
Never mind. I found answers and solution to everything myself.

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