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Waterplane and boundaries

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Created05.12.2019 10:46

Ravlie 05.12.2019 10:46

How can I create waterplane model for my upscaled map? I can't simply made a plane in GE and scale it to my desired resolution because ofbthe textures... so I tried to make a waterplane using Blender but I have no idea what's the resolution should be since I need 4k plane and in Blender you can't use units as pixels I believe? Anyway should I simply create a plane with some dimensions and export it as .i3d or do I have to also set the textures etc.

And about boundaries how can I make a model to be similar as the one near sea at Felsbrunn for example? How do I import image of the map and create a model?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2019 18:07
Search for "fs19 create waterplane". You'll find enough hints and guides.

For the map boundaries you can simply use existing ones by export/import and change the textures afterwards. Else you have to create them in an external 3D program.

Ravlie 12.12.2019 19:02
That's an offtopic question but what needs to be done to create .plcMap file? I know that .colMap and .plcColMap are created when you click on script "create ground collision map" in Giants Editor. I know .shapes are created when you put buildings objects on the map and save your map. I don't know when three .cache items are created: terrain.lod.type, terrain.nmap, terrain.weights? As well when I went trough some maps by modders I can see inside maps/map folder files like InfoLayer.grle (no idea how and from where did they get it?) as well as two files inside original game folder: townDecoGrass_density and forestGrassDark_density where these files come from?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.12.2019 20:35
Basically the most map's auxiliary files can be named at will. However it's always wise to follow common habits like in Giants' defaults.
If you don't know about the meaning of a certain file, search it in the i3d's <Files> list and look where its file ID is referenced.

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