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Moving cows,meadow etc

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Created12.03.2011 12:05

Artur :ddd (Unknown) 12.03.2011 12:07
Hi I want to move all thigs like milkbot, cow spawn place, but i can't move nav mesh.

I have searched for a some tutorial or something, but stiill I' don't find anything about it.

Can anybody help me or send link to tutorial.
It's very important for me to move cows, coz I'm making new map to FS 11.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 14.03.2011 09:29
You can't move the nav mesh. You need to regenerate a new one at the position you want to have it. For this there are some descriptions out there. However it is quite a time consuming task.

Artur :ddd (Unknown) 14.03.2011 17:11
Thank you for reply,
I'm so glad that the person from the Giants Software Team has answered my questions.
Where can I find description of moving nav meshes? I tried to search in google, but I nothing found. On each page, i founded that, I can't move nav meshes and so on.

Matei Andrei (Unknown) 26.04.2012 22:32
Hi Artur

If you want to ,move cowzone you have to:
-first make a plane poly in 3dmax or maya or blender like original form of cowzone or another form but for this you have to move the rest of buildings(milkrobot ,waterplace etc) and is risky because
if you dont move well will have errors
-second in your map import original cowzone(this copy in your map folder) place anywhere you want and then use command EXPORT SELECTION go to folder where you have cowzone.i3d select and save over that.
-and now you can delet cowzone from the map and exit giants without saving
-now you can got to the folder where you have cowzone open i3d file and now if you create the plane poly import move and fit on the cowzone.
-now using command CREATE <NavMesh create 16 and rename like original ones
-you have to create 3 more (MILKINKENTER ,MILKINGINTERACT ,and MILKINGLEAVE) this is the hard part because you have to make 3 more polyplane but smaller to fit milkrobot and do the same ,import ,create navmesh ,rename
- move al navmesh in group NavMesh in the same order like original
-delet the original navmesh and pllane poly and save
- Now go to map lua file and edit this line: AnimalHusbandry.initialize();
self:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("$data/maps/missions/CattleMeadow.i3d", self.baseDirectory));

in this: AnimalHusbandry.initialize();
self:loadMap(Utils.getFilename("missions/CowZone.i3d", self.baseDirectory)); it an example (this cowzone is in the folder missions in map folder)

-if you can do that you have to wait beacause i want to make a mod with planepolys for cowzone to make easier for you... check this site .

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