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Converting DDS fikes

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Created24.01.2020 18:06

Keit Dillard (Unknown) 24.01.2020 18:06
I have looked and searched for an answer as to avoid posting something that has previously been posted but haven't had any luck. Is there a specific Nvidia Plugin for PS that needs to be used to convert PNG format to DDS format? I went to download Plugin and there are like loads of them. I apologize if I overlooked the answer to this and really appreciate any help.I am working on my first Mod from scratch, Thank You

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.01.2020 18:25
The Nvidia DDS plugin for Photoshop is for experienced users who want to exploit all possibilities, an average user is easily overwhelmed.

I think just for beginners it's much easier to use 'light weight' DDS plugins/settings like eg. used in "". In general these meet all requirements which are necessary for the FS game.

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