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Created27.01.2020 13:21

Jorgen Bach (jorgenbach) 27.01.2020 13:21
Hi there..

Have played FS since the first version and now I have started working on Giants Editor…
What happens is that when I e.g. has removed a tree in a map, the tree is gone in Single player and Multi. But in MP, my triggers have disappeared. When I open overview of my sales pages, everything is gone. Without it, some Icon in the game is gone. T.ex. the one you click on with "R" at a workshop where you fix machines. And this happens in every folder I bring in…. Do you know what I'm doing wrong….

GE latest version
I do this:

Takes a copy of folder
Open folder with WinZip and put all files in a new perm. There, I load ”name.i3d file into GE
Press save
Packing all files again with "best performance"

What am I doing wrong ?????

Thanks for watching this ..


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.01.2020 18:43
According to your previous thread, I'd guess the edits are only on your side.
In MP _all_ participants, including the server, must have the same, edited files.

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