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How to edit mission system?

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Created03.02.2020 19:12

Valery Melnikov (Unknown) 03.02.2020 19:12

In the game, I deleted some equipment, or rather some trailers, seeders, and trucks. Part of this technique is used in missions. But after I deleted the missions lacks the necessary equipment on credit and the mission is not activated. How can I add a vehicles from mods to missions?
Valery Melnikov.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.02.2020 20:08
Doesn't work with mods.
Unlike some other xml's, in the "missionVehicles.xml" the placeholders "$mapdir$" and "$moddir$" are not evaluated.
You could work with absolute paths, but that is certainly only valid on your own system.

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