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GE Error while Map Load and no more saving of mapfile

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Created18.03.2011 15:49

Kailindo Damion (Unknown) 18.03.2011 15:51
Hi, I just created a new map, enlarged the terrain and all was fine, then i added a few fruits and now when loading the map GE tell me:
Error: RLEUtil: decoding to BitVector is only supported with input char width 1 or 2

It loads the File i can edit what ever i want but saving won´t work neither the map nore the terrain data.

Any Solutions?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 21.03.2011 10:20
Did you change the number of channels for the fruit density map in the i3d?

Kailindo Damion (Unknown) 21.03.2011 11:05
yes, changed it to 16 'cause of te added fruits.

Kailindo Damion (Unknown) 21.03.2011 11:16
Seems to have something to do with the number of fruits and the the number of channels set. Tried a bit around and now the error is gone after setting the channels up to 21 and then back to 16. The file and the density maps can now be saved again without error, but not all fruits can be placed on map. The last 4 (from densityMapID="16" to "20") can not be placed. Tried a higher channel index too but no change. Seems there is a fruit limit to me.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.04.2011 09:54
You should check this thread:

There I have described what you have to change to allow more fruit types. It is not only the number of channels of the density map.

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