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GE for Farming Simulator 2008/2009/Gold

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Created22.03.2011 02:42

Usi Ajilon (Unknown) 22.03.2011 02:51
This is funny,
even if i think i found a download link for THE OLD VERSION of GE, is this a mistake, and i come to this page, were i only can bye the compleatly pakage.

many of kids bying the farmingsimulator, not the 2011 version where the GE is include, but they need the GE to reorganise the map, or mod´s.
i have by a new pc. i have so lost my GE for the LS09 version
and now, i can instal LS 09, i can download hunderts of mod´s map´s an buildings,
but i cant do anything with the downloads, only with the orginal downloading map´s and mod´s

is there anyone out there who now a file hoster, who THE OLD GE versoin is put on, an download for free??
i dont need the sdk engine, and why i should by it when i cant need it?

shopusers, u can the ls08 and 09 games stamping in , if there are no way to become it.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 22.03.2011 10:17
Hi Usi,

Every legal copy of the LS09 Gold version comes with a version of the GE. Why can't you just take it from there :-)


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