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Fruit prices at Sell points

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Created06.03.2020 02:04

Trevor Papcun (Unknown) 06.03.2020 02:04
I was wondering if there is a possible way to edit the fruit "price scales" by going to and changing "silage manure" priceperliter without interfering with the multiplayer ability. I would also like to change the price scales of just the crops at Harbour as well as still being able to play multiplayer.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.03.2020 10:48
You can easily change global prices by editing the map related "fruitTypes.xml" and "fillTypes.xml".
Don't change the original maps, make a copy/mod of it. For default maps use the Giants editor feature "new mod from game".

For maps which use the default fill/fruitTypes in "$data/maps/.." you copy these files into your map folder and edit the map.xml alike:
<fruitTypes filename="maps_fruitTypes.xml" />
<fillTypes filename="maps_fillTypes.xml" />

Selling points or the BGA have individual prices. There you must also edit the related xml file under <fillType ... pricePerLiter=".."/>

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