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after repleacing to fruit_density.PNG - map crashes

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Created18.03.2020 00:20

Bartek Perkowski (Unknown) 18.03.2020 00:20
In FS2017 I was able to do it like:
1. convert "fruit_density.gdm" to PNG with "GRLE converter"
2. Then edit it with ex. GIMP (to make accurate fields etc.)
3. and after that put fruit_density.PNG to map01 (now it's mapDE) and delete .gdm file
4. Then after loading GE I was able to see created fields, after saving the map GE created from that .png new file .gdm

Now, in FS19, GE 8.0.2 - in step 3 (when I put .png file) GE crashes and there is my question:
Do you know If I can convert that PNG file back to GDM or If there is other way to make it work (otherwise spending hours to paint in GE I can do those fields in 30mins in gimp)

Thanks for Help

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.03.2020 00:32
1. GDM is a Giants proprietary format and there's no other way to convert PNG back to GDM as from game or editor.
2. PNG files have many options for saving. The FS expects a certain format. Memorize the main format when converting the GDM, what the GRLE converter reports. Beneath just GIMP has much more save options - in doubt you must try out.

PS - just for clearance
If you want to use the PNG version in GE, you must also change/adapt the file suffix in the i3d <Files> list.
The game accepts also .png (usually) - but for the editor you must use the explicite suffix.
You may change it later back to .gdm after the map was saved and the GDM version was written.

Scott Bell (smbell) 15.05.2020 21:57
Thanks for the last tip BBeutlin. The modification of the .i3d <Files> list was what I was missing.

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