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Install of G Editor 8.2.0 fails to start - hangs

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Created19.03.2020 00:42

Ditdahdit (MrMorse) 19.03.2020 00:42

Just downloaded the latest version of Editor 8.2.0 using updated Windows 10 ..

Hangs with ERROR message

"Editor 8.2.0 Has stopped working.." Haven't got it to launch for the first time

Where is the Editor LOG file would that help ?

IH100 19.03.2020 02:32
Hello, I just got the editor today and I had the same problem which is discouraging since I'm new to modding but I think for now just to learn the mechanics of the editor in the 8.1 version. I know this doesn't help at all but im glad others are having problems and its not just me!

Ditdahdit (MrMorse) 19.03.2020 20:56
I found the issue.... but never found this Giant's Editor Log.

Use this link to tool to check if Windows OpenGL version is at least 4.5 mine wasn't

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