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Created29.03.2020 13:28

Benjamin Le P (Unknown) 29.03.2020 13:28
I have 2 Plane and whan I change the first texture the second also changes.
Can you help me please?
(My planes are unnamedMaterial but i haven't other choice.)

Marcell Viczián (UnhandyFern) 29.03.2020 14:45
You have to open each planes xml, and change one of the materials name, because the editor detects that the two planes are using the same material.

Benjamin Le P (Unknown) 29.03.2020 14:55
how can we do it?

Marcell Viczián (UnhandyFern) 29.03.2020 19:41
you have to right click on the i3d file, and choose edit with xml editor.

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