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Doors still left after removing of the building

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Created31.03.2020 14:29

Ruben Meijer (RubenFarms) 31.03.2020 14:29
I removed the large grainstorage shed at the entrance of the main Oakfield Farm farm. I removed every object there but when i save everything and load the map, the opening doors are still there. Back into the editor I cannot find the triggers for the door either so I am not able to remove them. Does anyone have the same problem of does anyone know how to fix it?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.04.2020 00:00
Should be known meanwhile that certain objects are inserted at game start by the "defaultItems.xml".
These objects then appear in the savegame's "items.xml". To get rid of them in a running game, they must be deleted also in this file.

Mikkel Schl√Ľntz (Unknown) 03.04.2020 09:59
Ruben did you fix your problem, cause i have the same issues now

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