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How to remove cars you can see in map but not in giants editor?

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Created15.04.2020 21:41

Simon Jørgensen (Vitting96) 15.04.2020 21:41
Well like the subject says how can i remove the cars from the map in giants editor?

I have some cars in the map i like to remove but when i open giants editor the cars is hidden and when i playing the map i can see the cars.

How can i remove these cars in the giants editor??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.04.2020 23:28
The parked cars are usually in the transform group splines/trafficSystem/parkedCars.
If you don't find them in GE, open the i3d with text editor, search for "parkedCars" and memorize the nodeId to locate in GE.

You won't see the cars in GE, only the transforms where the game inserts the cars. Scroll down through the transform group to find the right one. Then simply delete it.

Simon Jørgensen (Vitting96) 16.04.2020 19:54
Thank you for answer, and the help!

Norm Daniels (Unknown) 18.04.2020 18:19
WOW! One of the questions I was coming here to ask too. What a pain. Ravenport has 252 parkedCars!

I guess I have to find the one by the coordinates? This makes me wonder, how the heck do I place parked cars I want in the game?

[edit] OK, I mean... I know how to place them, using the nodes in splines/trafficSystem/parkedCars/parkedCar.
I just make a copy of one, and change the attributes.

But I cannot find any further references to the "nodeId" in the file, so I am guessing there is another file that defines what KIND of car/truck it is?

I want to put a few more cars in parking lots. But, I guess this should be another thread entirely. :)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.04.2020 22:05
The kind of car is determined by the associated "trafficSystem.xml", referenced in parent spline user attribute.
It is a random distribution where the values 'probability' and 'probabilityParked' define the ratio of each car type.
If you change these values, make sure that the values in the total add up to 1.000.

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