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Map invisible in giants editor

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Created20.04.2020 02:19

B.m. Breaux (RaginCajunRice29) 20.04.2020 02:19
I try to open a map in giants editor and everything loads. The scenegraph and all the windows and everything. I can click on all the functions but there is nothing there. The map is not there but the program loads fine. It's just a grey screen. I try to open others maps and it works fine and i can see them all, Just this one map does not show up.Could someone please help.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.04.2020 05:30
At the very first check the GE log for errors: {USER}\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor ...\editor_log.txt

Some mappers use to hide the main camera somewhere. Look for other cameras. Select several objects/transforms from tree and focus it (Ctrl-F).

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