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How to get started making a map

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Created07.07.2020 04:58

Laura Dinger (Unknown) 07.07.2020 04:58
I've been looking around cant find how to start making a map for farming simulator 19.
In the video help on this website chapter 1 has everything I have on-screen but when chapter 2 comes up I do not have the terrain, sun, or careerstartpoint.
Could anyone direct me to how to solve this

Unknown 02.08.2020 19:26
I think you just need to download some default blank map that has already terrain or just re-edit some other map. I am also looking for better solution for this. Here is video that might help:

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll (OlaHaldor) 05.08.2020 23:51
Open Giants Engine.
File > New mod from game

In the window that appears, pick "sample mod map 1" and hit OK.

It'll start copying the required files to the location of your choice. When it's done, it opens the map.
This map is the default european map in FS19. In includes everything. So it should be relatively straight forward to remove what you don't need and keep what you want.

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