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Giants Editor 8.0.2 problem

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Created07.07.2020 18:46

Panicos H (PANICOS) 07.07.2020 18:46
I have a problem with GE 8.0.2.

I opened GE , I choosed "new mod from the game" because I want to edit Felsbrunn.
After the map was opened, I choosed " Export All With Files " but nothing happend. I choosed NO for both parent directory and paths.

I have GE installed on WINE in Linux. I am wondering if this is the problem.

Is frustrating trying to edit Felsbrunn but nothing exported, any tips ?

Thank you.

PS. I mean GE 8.2.0

PS. If I install 8.1.0 version will be better ?

Panicos H (PANICOS) 07.07.2020 20:01
Problem solved when I install GIANTS Editor v8.1.0 64bit .
Please consider this topic as solved.

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