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Installing Multiple Versions of GE for Modding!

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Created11.08.2020 19:32

Robert Sarnelli (GalaticDude5452) 11.08.2020 19:32
wanting to convert mods from fs17 to fs19, I see I need two versions of GE to do it, my question is how? can I download multiple versions of GE??! if so, can they be on the same drive or do they need to be installed on different ones to avoid conflict??

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.08.2020 22:38
There's no problem to have various GE versions installed.
You must only install each GE in a separate folder.
I'd recommand to install in a neutral folder, not supervised by Windows UAC/DEP.
Keep in mind to install "as administrator", so the Win registry can be updated.

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