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Created14.09.2020 10:31

Papi Pap (Greenday) 14.09.2020 10:31

I have problem with tip col in my models. I'm using models from Modhub (my models). Now I want add this to my map. If I added and game load models from mods tip col doesen't work.
In xml/items I added:
<item mapBoundId="Storage" className="Placeable" modName="FS19_GStorage" filename="$moddir$FS19_GStorage/GStorage.xml" position="515.006 99.515 393.068" rotation="0 0 0" farmId="1" boughtWithFarmland="true" />
and if I create ground collision on map everything work fine (almost but it works)

and if I buy my models in game and put somewhere there tip col will be works fine

Anyone know what I need to add? some new xml?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.09.2020 11:19
If you insert new objects into map.i3d you need to refresh the ground collision maps (GE scripts/fs19/map). This will create new "map.i3d.colMap.grle" and "map.i3d.plcColMap.grle". The last one you rename to "map.i3d.plcMap.grle".

Besides you can 'paint' manually areas: terrain info layer -> tipCol.

Papi Pap (Greenday) 14.09.2020 11:47
I don't want put any collision to my map... I want put xml to map and load buildings models from mods.

I don't know why this tip col don't want work.

Look on pictures.

First screenshot is when I create ground collision in map. Tip col work but not good.

Second is when map load buildings from items.xml Tip col do not exist (magic?)

and last is when I buy in game. Work perfectly

Any ideas?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.09.2020 15:48
If the bulk material floats through walls, it's often a wrong bitmask in the object's rigid body. Or the body is not closed completely.

Further the tipCol plane has usually a very rough raster. A pixel in plane may correspond upto 50cm square. The better the object fits into this raster, the less material floats outside. This rectangular raster is also the reason that an object with heap should be turned in 90° steps for best results.

Anyway, you'll never get realistic, sharp borders due to inaccuracy of the tipCol plane. On the other hand a high-res plane would lead to extensive calculations, performance losses.

Remember: the FS makes no claim to be lifelike.

Papi Pap (Greenday) 14.09.2020 16:44
Farming like never before... ehh

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.09.2020 02:21
Who cares? If the FS should run also on a weak PC or even mobiles much compromises must be made. *g*

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