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Map edit missing objects, Geiselberg example

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Created15.11.2020 13:37

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 15.11.2020 13:37
Hi fellow modders,

Im working now for a few months with the editor and having fun with it.

Now I understand the map editor its basic functions, but when I wanted to edit for personal use the geiselberg map it loads the map and all elements, which expectation of the farm buildings and the related asphalt "land objects" itself in the map.

I see the custom buildings including the ground around it as separate placable files in the map file, Are these custom areas added by a trigger in the map editor that you can only open them as a placable and not in the standard map?
Or are these coded in one of the xml files to be loaded separately?

Thanks for the feedback.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.11.2020 17:52
Functional objects are often added by the map's defaultItems.xml.
Sometimes these objects have already "placeholders" in the map.i3d, but not always.

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