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Trigger not appearing ingame

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Created17.11.2020 11:31

Rene Tol (Unknown) 17.11.2020 11:31
Hey all,
maybe someone has an idea but after 3 days searching for my error i am giving up. I am editing a map and added some selling stations. Copied over some placeables i3d files and modified them. This all worked fine so far. Now i am trying something more complicated and wanted to create a AnimalHusbandry placeable. I used one from the map to copy over the triggers and stuff needed, created a new nav mesh, made the xml and all loads fine without any error when i placed it into the defaultItems. The objects in the i3d show up ingame at the right positions but all the triggers are missing. I can't figure out why... i checked all the collision masks and made sure its exactly as the other file.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.11.2020 12:44
Certain triggers work only if you own the associated farmland. Did you check this?

Else take as example maps with pre-built husbandries for comparison with yours.

Rene Tol (Unknown) 17.11.2020 13:31
Yeah did check that. I tried putting a placeable there that came with the map and it worked. I don't even see the trigger ingame when viewing it with F5, on the others i see the trigger boxes. All the objects from the placeable load fine though, just the triggers are missing.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.11.2020 23:25
Some mappers place the husbandries directly in map.i3d and the associated triggers later in defaultItems.

Rene Tol (Unknown) 18.11.2020 10:22
Hey Bilbo,
thx for helping. I guess i should explain it a bit more, i have all the trigges setup in the editor and showing. It all looks correct in the editor, when i compare the two, but ingame in my file only the objects like the feeding through load up, the triggers aren't there for some reason, when i check with F5 i don't see their bounding boxes like with other triggers. I so far succesfully created triggers for sell point placeable so i whonder where i went wrong this time. Maybe i try to recreate the whole file.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.11.2020 13:29
I'd suggest you use the FS19 standard method and insert all the triggers by the defaultItems. Pre-built triggers in map.i3d may not work in certain cases.

Carter Bezan (Unknown) 31.12.2020 04:28
Any luck Rene? I'm having the same issue and cant find much for a fix in any forum

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