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Error: Failed to open xml File ''

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Created11.12.2020 15:41

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 11.12.2020 15:41
When I open a certain mod in editor, I get the error message "Error: Failed to open xml File ' '. "

The i3d-file and the xml-file are in the same folder.

Do I miss something like a pointer in the i3d-file or what could be wrong.
For other mods I use a seperate folder for xml-files and it works properly

can anyone help?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.12.2020 20:41
XML files in i3d are almost always either shader or foliage xml's.
Load the i3d into a text editor and search in the <Files> list for missing .xml files.
Else you have probably actvated a shader anywhere and no shader file specified.

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 12.12.2020 15:18
thanks for the contemporary answer.
there are only 2 xml-files listed an these could be found in the listed path

but I found the problem, there is a third id listed but nothing defined

btw. sometimes it is a littlebit annoying, when you write a post and you are thrown out when you try to send it

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