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The wheels fall to the ground

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Created14.12.2020 01:09

Ivan Polic (Polke) 14.12.2020 01:09
As you can see in the pictures. On maps anywhere, wheels fail by up to 20%. Does anyone know the solution to this, my log is clear as far as that is concerned.
Photos :
log.txt :
Map is convert from fs 17 to fs 19. All shaders are updated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 04:13
It is most probably caused by a mod.
Since you didn't post the complete log, it's impossible to say which mod might be responsible. Should be kind of mod which changes the drive physics. But also possible that mods are in conflict.
If you don't have a suspect, remove all mods from modfolder, then test one mod after another with a new game on a default map.

Ivan Polic (Polke) 14.12.2020 08:55
I dropped all mods, same problem. I will set you a log all this time also without mods. I deleted everything from the mods folder.
log.txt :

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 09:46
Check the map.i3d transform "terrain".
Compare thoroughly the values in the tabs "Rigid Body" and "Terrain" with a default map.

Ivan Polic (Polke) 14.12.2020 12:18
I checked, it's the same, here are the pictures of the above.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 21:52
I've no idea anymore what it else could be.
Anyway, in your last log you have still several mods active, visible by activation messages.
But the log file is missing the sections with "Available mod: .." and "Load mod: .." which you have deleted obviously.
My support ends here due to missing cooperation.

Ivan Polic (Polke) 16.12.2020 02:32
No friend, I didn't delete anything, I copied the whole log, I cleaned the map a bit from the error and here I am leaving the log again, both from the giants editor and from the game.

log.txt :
giants editor log :

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.12.2020 04:18
Is the Epic version somehow different?
After the "Farming Simulator 19" timestamp follows usually a section with
Available dlc: ...
Available mod: ...
{timestamp} Load mod:

Anyway, though you stated playing without further mods, there are at least the following active
>> Time Controlled Gates Loaded Successfully
>> ++ loading Animated Clock V - 04.02.2020 (by Blacky_BPG)
>> --- FillTypeMover
>> --- Animals Clean v.:, by xDeekay.
>> New Animal Husbandry Limit

.. and whatelse ever without activation messages.
So don't tell me, you have tested without mods.

Shawn E Carter (ShawnDaGeek) 16.12.2020 05:47
Could be your collision map for that map, try to regenerate it, or the mass of the vehicle? I have one modded harvester i did of a case that has the tracks that sink slightly lol, it triggers me but i was sick of it tipping forward.

Ivan Polic (Polke) 16.12.2020 10:53
Sir Bilbo Beutlin, i can record how i test map. Gates, clocks, animals were already on the map. That is, doors and animals do not, I added them to the map. But I know that's not the reason because this was right on the first test after the convert terrain.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.12.2020 21:08
It doesn't matter whether the mods are loaded individually or are already installed in the map.
To be able to test reliably, all mods must first be removed or deactivated. Even if they seem to have nothing to do with the problem, there can be unexpected side effects in the interaction.

Also, check the website where you downloaded the map. Usually there are user comments or forum posts with problem reports and maybe solutions are already known.

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