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Created18.12.2020 10:40

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 18.12.2020 10:40
I may sound stupid but IM learning all the time.
Now I have followed the tutorials on field dimensions and all that is good,
But IM getting a console error saying please select AI fields root.
I do not know what this means.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.12.2020 21:07
You need to get in the habit of looking at user attributes when examining an i3d.
The transform group "fields" needs the user attribute "onCreate: FieldUtil.onCreate".

illgib81 25.12.2020 20:09
You have to select the root transform group "Fields" in order to let the script run.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.12.2020 07:24
It doesn't matter where the transform group is in hierarchy and how it is named. The main thing is that the TG has this user attribute.

illgib81 27.12.2020 04:28
Man i don't know what to say.

He asked why the log error and it's related to the "give field dimension" script, to make it work you have to select the root tg of the fields, usually it's the "field" one in the original maps.

By the way,
i felt into the same error the first time, if you don't select the right transgroup the script give back an error as it can't get any field info, when you select the right tg the script can get all the info and display the fields blue shapes.

If you've made a new mod from an existing map, like Ravenport of Fellsbrun, the fields transgroup it's called "fields", inside there are all the nested tg and fields corners and indicators, i don't know from user's mod maps, but i think they are called the same.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.12.2020 04:56
*sigh* It is very nice if the fields TG is indeed in root TG and also called "fields". Good to find.
But even on Giants' maps this can be elsewhere and the label doesn't matter at all. I saw it often in "gameplay" or "locations".
So the most important is looking for the right user attribute.

illgib81 27.12.2020 05:01
Bit it's the field root, not game one, and in both Giant's map it's indeed called "Fields" under "Gameplay", so the one he's probably looking at it's "Fields", the root tg for fields under "Gameplay".
As from whay i understand beign a newbye, he made a new mod from existing map, ence he retained the Giant's trees layout nad labels.

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 31.12.2020 20:58
I just don`t get it.
I have put all the fields details in and followed tutorials.
But when I tap on scripts and tap toggle render field areas it comes up with a error.
Please select fieldDefintion defintions root.
Or select AI field root

Christer (up8072) 01.01.2021 03:20
You can do like this.
Open Giants Editator just by clicking on the desktop shortcut.
Go File- New Mod From Game-Map: Sample Mod Map 1.
click Ok. Ok again.
map Felsbrunn wants to open up. Open Felsbrunn TG.Mark TG fields will turn blue.
Go File Export selection with files. give the file a name EX (fields) click save.
Copy the file to your map by placing it where your mapI3D file is.
Open MapI3D Import your FildsI3D to your map. Now it's right User Attributes on TG fields. Now you can do as you please.
I usually delete all but field01. And make a copy of it to the next field so it becomes field02 etc. open field01 and set corner 1_1 1_2 1_3 to 0 same with fieldMapIndicator.
Good luck.

illgib81 01.01.2021 23:07
To make it easier, i try to visualize a tree example.

In the vanilla maps the transform group trees should be like that:

|___Map Indicator
And so and so.

In this example you should select the root fields trans group, "Fields" as it's the one containing all your fields corners and markers, and in the User Attributes window (if it's not open, do it) you should see the script callbacks that Bilbo mentioned.

I only tried to point you into the right direction with a bit more of info where to look.

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