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Created25.12.2020 23:18

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 25.12.2020 23:18
Dose anyone know what I can do.
I have downloaded my map to fs19 a number of times and had no issues.
I did some work on it just adding trees and railroad track, I have not changed no files.
But now it will not load up to fs19, its not even showing up on the pick list, so I can not check the log for errors.
can someone help please.

illgib81 26.12.2020 03:27
Have you zipped or are loose folders?
If you zipped it make sure to zip the files into the map mod folder and not the folder itself.

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 26.12.2020 12:50
what I do is come out of giants then I zip up all files and put the zipped file in to my mods folder like I have done before,
But this time its not working at all , fs19 is not recognising it, and I do not know what to do, have been working on this map for six weeks and not
had this problem before.

illgib81 26.12.2020 17:09
What's inside your zip file?
You should have the files and not the map folder or else the game won't recognize it.

You zipped the map folder or the files inside of it?

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