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Created29.12.2020 14:49

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 29.12.2020 14:49
Hey all
I have small problem in the Editor.
When I scroll around, at some angels, all I see inside the editor is grey, sometimes, all grey, sometimes grey, and some of the terrain.
It happends mostly at the borderes of the map.

I have tried to delete all but the terrain, its still there.

I uses a x8 map from, as my base for the map.

when I navigate around it shifts from grey, so me actioally seeing the map. sometimes its only a matter of changing the angle I'm looking at, by 10-15 degree.
If I look at the map from directly above, I can always see the map,

I have installed lastest driver for graphicscard
and latest version of GE.

Hope anyone has some great idea.
I suspect an issue with the map, can't make other maps do the same, to this extend.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.12.2020 15:16
For maps larger than 4x size you must run a small script in GE which enhances certain limits.
----- code -----
setAudioCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setLightCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setShapeCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 64);
----- end code -----
You can either run the code from GE console or copy it as script into the GE script folder.
Execute this code before you load the map.

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 29.12.2020 20:02
thanks 1000, worked like a charm

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