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Created31.12.2020 15:20

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 31.12.2020 15:20
How can I change the mini map, it is a so called blank x16 map which is pv19 Industries, and the mini map is that map with all fields and sale,
points on it.
I have worked on this map for a bit now and I am coming to the point where I want to add triggers and sale points.
I have looked up for tutorials but most are out of date.
The thing is all the folders have all the scrips for that map on them, do I delete them all.
Sorry if I sound a bit dumb, but I do not want to give up on this map.
The map making is easy enough but I am having problems with adding triggers and sale points.
Is there any good tutorials out there, the only one that is good is shy wizard.

illgib81 01.01.2021 23:15
You mean the one on the left corner, or the one on the esc menu?
In both cases all the triggers (but vehicles shop for unknown reason) are automatically placed using the coords written in the Defaulitems.xml.
The store icon must be set it's coords into the mapxx.xml.
It only place the store icon at the right place, the store triggers are set into the editor as a placeables and doesn't need to be spawned as the vehicles workshop.

But if you mean the minimap itself, it's more tricky, you can use different ways, but all in all you have to make one or several screens of the map and stich together in a photo editor and save it as

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