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Created03.01.2021 02:46

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 03.01.2021 02:46
Can anyone help me please.
The problem I am having is I do not understand how to get sale points on to a map.
I am working on a map and I have a stored Items folder which is in Data/mapUS/placeable.

I have stored Items in my modDec folder with the xlm name.
But my map comes up as mapSA.

This is a blank map but all the sale points are still In the modItems folder which I have deleted.
I have followed a lot of Tutorials but do not seem to work .
I have a placeable folder with a lot in so I can work out of that, but I just can not seem to get the right path .

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.01.2021 20:45
There are so many guides and example maps around in web, that I don't know what to tell furtheron.
Most important is, you must pay attention to map internal or game default paths.
map internal: filename="$mapdir$/placeables/
game default: filename="data/placeables/ <<< NOT $data

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