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Created08.04.2021 00:46

Mark Kloosterman (Fendt_926) 08.04.2021 00:46
when i go to open giants editor, the intro tab opens up but the editor does not, I've tried reinstalling and that worked but then after a day the same thing started happening, if anyone knows what the problem is let me know

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.04.2021 09:17
Disable OneDrive for FS and GE related files: at least for USER/Documents and USER/AppData/Local
Make sure there's no other software accessing the GPU directly, like Nvidia Experience, Steam Overlay and similar.

Gorilla ........ (Unknown) 11.04.2021 11:55
where can i disable it i have the same problem??

Will Cusack (WillpCusack) 01.05.2021 06:30
I am not logged into OneDrive and i have this same problem that appeared randomly yesterday.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.05.2021 06:04
Look into editor log for errors.
For test disconnect/disable network, then try again.
Might also help to delete in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GIANTS Editor ... the file "editor.xml" and content of shader_cache.

xiaoyi 11.07.2021 18:49
I flashed back when I opened it, and I couldn't open it

Brummie Farmer (BrummieFarmer) 22.07.2021 09:39
I had the same problem a few months ago and what worked for me was : go to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 8.2.2 and delete the editor.xml file. When you restart editor it will act like new install, so if you have edited your layout, you will need to do that again... hope this helps

Kelly Hart (speck10303) 23.10.2021 23:52
tried everything incl rolling back updates to windows nothing works

Jordan Vanwinkle (randostudios) 25.10.2021 16:19
giant may have done the one thing no developer should ever do. this look like it was a asynchronous update done while the editor was open. its appearing intentional as fs22 development started around august of 2020. other development studios have done the same and 4 ended up bankrupt while studios like Bethesda almost went under twice. ive experienced the same issues mentioned in the forums starting in august of 2020. every issue is linked together by suspicious timings

Joel Schimkowiak (jojo_zockt01) 25.10.2021 22:23
ich komme auch nicht rein ich sehe alles aber dann st├╝rzt es ab ??

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