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How can I create a new empty map in GE?

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Created01.05.2021 22:39

614n75_d3v_m 01.05.2021 22:39
Hello everybody,

I'm just starting to learn how to create a FS19 map in Giants Editor, so I have watched the beginner tutorials on this website for getting an overview of modding.
My problem is that I don't know how to create a empty map to start creating my own world. Unfortunately the zip-file under the tutorial for modifying terrain on this website does not exist anymore.
I have also searched a lot on the Internet, but I couldn't find any good answers. Of course do some people provide empty maps for downloading, but the ones I found weren't really empty.

I hope someone can tell me how to create my own empty map from scratch or knows a good link for a tutorial on that.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Jeroen Van Der Velden (jeroenV1982) 24.05.2021 11:39
Same problem, the video tells us to save a folder and open the id3 file but it no longer exists!

Ben Mccartney (benm094) 24.05.2021 19:04
You can always open the GIANTS Editor and go File>New Mod From Game and select one of the Sample Mod Maps (Felsbrunn or Ravenport) and delete off the buildings and level terrain and then you have a basic map

614n75_d3v_m 01.06.2021 17:56
I have just tried out your idea, and it works surprisingly well! It takes some time to flatten the terrain and to temove any foliage and painted detail, but when that is finished, you have an pretty nice, empty map. Thanks for your reply!

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