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Created16.05.2021 14:56

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 16.05.2021 14:56
HI can you help please.
I`m having trouble with my gate triggers.
This is what I have done. I got a animated Objects.xml, I go in to my placeables folder and open a gate folder I pick the gate I want.

I then go in to that gates xml and copy the animatedObjects text which I put in to animatedObjects.xml.
I then go in to the gates modDesc and copy the lines between the 110n and put them in the maps modDesc.

I go in to my map and place the gates.
Then I go in to userattributes. 1 index string, 2 onCreate scriptcallback, 3 xmlFilename string, in 1 I put gate name,2 AnimatedObject.onCreate and in 3 maps/animatedObjects.xml.

<text name="shopItem_StationTotal">
<en>Total Station</en>
<de>Total Tankstelle</de>

<text name="function_StationTotal">
<en>Place this gas station on your map and keep your vehicles full of fuel all the time.</en>
<de>Setzen Sie diese Tankstelle auf Ihre Karte und halten Sie Ihre Fahrzeuge jederzeit mit Kraftstoff gefüllt.</de>

<text name="placeableMisc">
<de>Das ist eine Konfigurierbare Deko</de>
<en>This is a Configurable Decoration</en>

<text name="action_OPEN_ROLLDOOR">
<en>Open Rollinggate</en>
<de>Rolltor öffnen</de>
<text name="action_CLOSE_ROLLDOOR">
<en>Close Rollinggate</en>
<de>Rolltor schließen</de>
<text name="action_OPEN_DoorRight">
<en>Open Door</en>
<de>Tür öffnen</de>
<text name="action_CLOSE_DoorRight">
<en>Close Door</en>
<de>Tür schließen</de>

<text name="Letterbox_Menu">
<en>Open menu</en>
<de>Menü öffnen</de>

<text name="Letterbox_FlagUp">

<text name="Letterbox_FlagDown">

<text name="Letterbox_TextColour">
<en>Text Colour</en>

<text name="Letterbox_NumberColour">
<en>Number Colour</en>

<text name="Letterbox_NumberInput">

<text name="Letterbox_TextInput">

<text name="Sign_GUI_Title">
<en>Sign Configuration</en>

<animatedObject index="Rollinggate_Blue1" >
<animation duration="4.5">
<part node="0|0|1">
<keyFrame time="0.0" translation="0.092 0.076 7.619"/>
<keyFrame time="1.0" translation="0.092 0.076 -0.048"/>
<controls triggerNode="0|1" posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" posText="action_OPEN_ROLLDOOR" negText="action_CLOSE_ROLLDOOR" />
<moving file="sounds/door_Markus_77.wav" loops="0" linkNode="0|0|2" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" fadeOut="0.25"/>

<animatedObject index="Door_Blue" >
<animation duration="2.5">
<part node="0|0|2|0">
<keyFrame time="0.0" translation="-0.015 1.167 -1.012"/>
<keyFrame time="0.2" translation="-0.015 1.167 -0.914"/>
<part node="0|0|2">
<keyFrame time="0.2" translation="0.1 0.078 8.767" rotation="0 0 0"/>
<keyFrame time="1.0" translation="0.1 0.078 8.767" rotation="0 -100 0"/>
<controls triggerNode="0|2" posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" posText="action_OPEN_DoorRight" negText="action_CLOSE_DoorRight" />
<moving file="$data/sounds/prefab/gate/gate_loop.wav" loops="0" linkNode="0|0|1" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" fadeOut="0.25"/>
<posEnd file="$data/sounds/prefab/gate/gate_opened.wav" linkNode="0|0|1" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" />
<negEnd file="$data/sounds/prefab/gate/gate_closed.wav" linkNode="0|0|1" volume="0.8" radius="25" innerRadius="3" />

Game log throws up a error saying failed to open xml AnimatedObjects.xml gates can not be found in AnimatedObjects.xml.
But they are in there.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.05.2021 16:07
Placeable animated objects and inbuilt (in map) are different. Those in map are 'animatedMapObjects', they need as scriptCallback "AnimatedMapObject.onCreate". Also the associated xml has slightly different structure.

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 17.05.2021 14:12
Thanks that works appreciate the help.

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