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BV Center Not Working on GIZMO

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Created14.07.2021 18:55

Cory Rentz (coryrentz) 14.07.2021 18:55
I am trying to edit a prefab (Barbed Fence) that came with a mod map. There are a couple of objects where the GIZMO is not centered on the object. I noticed these have a "BV Center" offset, but changing them does nothing as they always reset. Is there any way to adjust these in GE?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.07.2021 00:19
No - it must be edited in a 3D-modeler like 3dsMax, Maya, Blender.

Cory Rentz (coryrentz) 15.07.2021 15:27
I was able to figure out that if you did the "Freeze Transform" on an object, it will reset the gizmo to the same location as that "groups" gizmo location.

With that said, it would be GREAT if we could actually change the BV Center in GE. Not all of us have 3D-Modeler software, and to install even Blender to simply fix a gizmo location seems overkill.

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