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Where's my map?

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Created14.07.2021 19:08

MarSN 14.07.2021 19:08
I cannot find my saved Ravenport id3
Ravenport loads and plays well but I want to use the Editor v8.2.2 on the map.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.07.2021 00:30
If you play the default map, the i3d is still in the game install folder.
Warning: don't touch default game files! This will disable multiplayer, can lead to compatibility problems and is anyway lost on a game update.

If you want to edit a default map (or any object), you must at first make a mod of it (in GE menu files/new mod from game).
For instructions see guides here on GDN, in Giants general forum and all around the web.

Notice that massive changes of the map might require to start a new game/career.

MarSN 15.07.2021 12:13
Thank you for the information.

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