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Object rotates/moves multiple axis after freeze transforms

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Created25.07.2021 12:43

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 25.07.2021 12:43
Hi All,

Have an issue I cant seem to find in the threads or in videos.

I have an object that I had to move up or down ( same effect) in hierarchy in the scenegraph.
After doing so and I want to move the item it rotates or moves on multiple axis out of control (even seems to scale it at certain rotation), while in the original hierachy position it just behaved normal when rotating.

Even after copying into the new level of hierarchy and freezing the transformations on scale and rotation, this keeps happening and makes it impossible to rotate the objects as usual in the editor with the gizmo.

Any thoughts how I can fix this issue so I can continue work on animating my doors?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.07.2021 14:31
Should be self-explanatory. If you move a transform(group) as child to another transform, it will adopt the parent's attributes (translate, rotate, scale).
So you must make sure BEFORE moving that the parent TG is normalized (freezed).

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 25.07.2021 14:38

Thank you for your fast reply!
And your right after your comment it became clear and I didnt think of the obvious that you have to normalise the parent in order to prevent this from happening.



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