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Problem with Terrain Layer Painting Texture

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Created03.09.2021 13:32

Darius Jucevičius (PuKkUtTiS) 03.09.2021 13:32
I have created custom texture to paint my yard base on GE, but when I was painting I saw that my texture has a reflection from light...

So I wanna ask is this problem can be fixed?

Here's photo how it looks like with reflection from light

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.09.2021 21:02
You probably have an incorrectly configured normal map, have a look at how the base game ones are constructed and adjust yours accordingly.

Darius Jucevičius (PuKkUtTiS) 03.09.2021 22:30
Understand, but I don't know how to make them to look like in the base game... Because I don't have so much experience on photoshop to do that...

Darius Jucevičius (PuKkUtTiS) 03.09.2021 22:40

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 03.09.2021 22:44
So how did you create your custom texture and the corresponding normal map

Darius Jucevičius (PuKkUtTiS) 03.09.2021 23:19
I'm just looking from youtube how to create normal maps and etc...

Darius Jucevičius (PuKkUtTiS) 04.09.2021 00:02
Finnaly, I understand where was my mistake... It turns out my export to dds settings was wrong... Finally, at least it looks beautiful.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 04.09.2021 13:30
Glad you managed to solve your problem however for those who have the same sort of problem here is a method to create a normal map for terrain textures.

Open an existing terrain normal map, concrete01_normal is a good one to use as it already has the red channel black and blue channel white plus the Alpha Channel
In Photoshop Select the Channels option in the Layers panel so all channels Red Blue Green Alpha are visible.
Open your image in photoshop (ensure it is the same size as the normal map already opened 512 x 512) change mode to grey scale and reduce contrast by 50% and add a Guassian blur with a radius of 1, this is to simulate a height map
Copy paste this image into both the Green and Alpha Channels of the normal map
Select only the Green Channel and increase Brightness and contrast by 50%
Finally rename and save as DXT5
Should you wish a reflection either increase the brightness of the Red Channel which will give you reflection over all your texture or copy paste your Alpha Channel image to the Red Channel and adjust brightness to suit, this wil give a more targeted reflection

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