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the factory does not work

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Created21.09.2021 04:24

Serge John (Serge325) 21.09.2021 04:24
I have a problem with a factory imported by GE editor. Unfortunately; the factory does not work
The factory has three water, sugarbeet and pallet inlets it works but not the final production
I have filled in the "DefaultItems.xml file with <item mapBoundId =
also fill in the filltypes.xml file for the new types
I am on FS19. This is my first such import what did I forget to do?
I searched the forums but in vain
I specify that globalCompagny is installed latest version
No error or warning on the log
I searched the forums but in vain
Thank you in advance for any help you could give me

Serge John (Serge325) 21.09.2021 19:43

Good evening, I could find the problem the factory is working. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a good evening

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