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giants editor map ground textures errors

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Created21.09.2021 23:28

Landon Sklodowski (landon14) 21.09.2021 23:28
Im trying to edit a map in giants editor 8.2.2 ( i believe thats the most up-to-date version) , and every time i open this map, and every other map i get multiple error messages. these include . . .

Warning: Texture 'C:/Users/*my name*/Desktop/FS19_Loneoak_LTG_edit/textures/terrain/ground_diffuse.png' has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'groundDetail_mat'.

Error: Can't load resource 'D:/farmingsimulator/Farming Simulator 19/Farming Simulator 2019/data/foliage/barley02LOD_normal_H.png'.

Warning: Texture 'TerrainDiffuseTextureArray' has wrong type (2darray instead of 2d) in 'terrainPatch15x10_mat'.

Warning: Texture array layer 'D:/farmingsimulator/Farming Simulator 19/Farming Simulator 2019/data/maps/textures/terrain/concrete04_normal.png' couldn't be loaded.

Error: Failed to load terrain distance texture 'D:/farmingsimulator/Farming Simulator 19/Farming Simulator 2019/data/maps/textures/terrain/ground/distance/acre_fine_distance_diffuse.png'.

All my Farm Sim 19 and Giants editor files are in my D drive, so not sure why the C drive is mentioned in the first error at all too, but if anyone could help, that'd be great!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.09.2021 01:42
Looks like you have exported the map with wrong options.
In general answer upcoming queries
- "use parent directory" : NO
- "use game default path" : YES
All other is for special use only.

Landon Sklodowski (landon14) 22.09.2021 03:08
Thank you! Got it working!

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