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Tip on ground weird problem i could not solve yet

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Created21.11.2021 16:34

Matiam Barnard (boetfaas) 21.11.2021 16:34
Hi there guys,

I have tried everything i can think of to fix this, i dont know what else to try. Please help.

When i tip on ground, use the mower, do a windrow anything that supposed to make heaps on the ground, the heaps that are created are tiny and makes little sharp edged funnel like shapes, never heaps as it should be. You can watch my video on adding a bunker silo to a map, at the end of it you will see when i try and tip the grass in the bunker then it makes the odd shapes and you cant tip in heaps, you have to drive forward so it can make more tiny heaps.

video showing the problem:

Things i have tried.

1. First i thought it might be the tip on ground, so i added a new tipColInfoLayer.grle from the base game and cleared the whole map in the editor. This didnt work.
2. Replaced the cultivatordensity.gdm by generating a new one, this didnt work
3. Generated new ground colision map in the editor, didnt work.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks so much

Matiam Barnard (boetfaas) 21.11.2021 17:13
Not to worry guys, i dont know what went wrong but i added more densitymaphight channels and the problem went away, so there was clearly an issue there somewhere.

Here is the detailed instruction on that.

[FS19 Tutorial] increase the DensityHeighttypes/dumpable piles

Post by derelky » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:48 am

Here I would like to give you a little instruction how to increase the number of dumpable piles in your map.
1. First you need to convert the terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm to PNG using the GRLE Converter. Then replace the GDM File in your Map with the PNG
Then you need to change the terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm entry under FileID in the map.i3d to terrainDetailHeight_density.png
<File fileId="251" filename="map/terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm"/>
change to
<File fileId="251" filename="map/terrainDetailHeight_density.png"/>
2. changes in Map.i3d: increase the Channel for the terrainDetailHeight_density Map
<DetailLayer name="terrainDetailHeight" numDensityMapChannels="11" ...
change to
<DetailLayer name="terrainDetailHeight" numDensityMapChannels="12" ...
3. changes in Map.i3d: in the same row change
4. changes in Map.i3d: in the same row change
combinedValuesChannels="0 5 0;5 6 0"
combinedValuesChannels="0 6 0;6 6 0"
5. changes in Map.i3d: in the same row change
6. now save and open the Map with the GE-Editor. check the Log and if it contains no error save your map. Now you can delete the terrainDetailHeight_density.png and change the fileID entry in the map.i3d again
<File fileId="251" filename="map/terrainDetailHeight_density.png"/>
change to
<File fileId="251" filename="map/terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm"/>
7. change groundHeightShader.xml:
in most cases this will be loaded from the original game. To make changes you need to copy it into your map and change the path in map.i3d.
example entry Map.i3D
<File fileId="295" filename="$data/shaders/groundHeightShader.xml"/>
change to
<File fileId="295" filename="shaders/groundHeightShader.xml"/>

then open the groundHeightShader.xml in your map and change this entrys
row 11
defaultFilename = "../shared/groundHeightNoise.png"/>
change to
defaultFilename = "$data/shared/groundHeightNoise.png"/>

row 192
globals.groundType *= 31;
change to
globals.groundType *= 63;
8. create a Map Lua (ModMap.lua) Script:
Code: Select all
ModMap = {}
local ModMap_mt = Class(ModMap, Mission00)

function ModMap:new(baseDirectory, customMt, missionCollaborators)
local mt = customMt
if mt == nil then
mt = ModMap_mt
local self = ModMap:superClass():new(baseDirectory, mt, missionCollaborators)

self.terrainDetailHeightTypeNumChannels = self.terrainDetailHeightTypeNumChannels + 1;

return self
If your Map also uses more terrain angle you should have already have a modmap.lua then you just need to add this line "self.terrainDetailHeightTypeNumChannels = self.terrainDetailHeightTypeNumChannels + 1;"
9. change the modDesc.xml so the ModMap.lua will be load: (not needed if you already had one.)
change the corresponding row in modDesc.xml. for example
<map id="SampleModMap" className="Mission00" filename="$dataS/scripts/missions/mission00.lua" configFilename="maps/mapDE.xml" defaultVehiclesXMLFilename="defaultVehicles.xml" defaultItemsXMLFilename="defaultItems.xml">
change to
<map id="SampleModMap" className="ModMap" filename="ModMap.lua" configFilename="maps/mapDE.xml" defaultVehiclesXMLFilename="defaultVehicles.xml" defaultItemsXMLFilename="defaultItems.xml">

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.11.2021 22:25
This is the recipe for enhancing the amount of fillTypes for heaps (densityMapHeightTypes).
Better readable in the original post on general forum:

Curious that it effects your introduced concern. I'd guess there's something 'uneven' in your map.i3d and the above changes neutralize it.

These more or less rectangular fragments are result of a rough raster. The heaps are stored in a bitmap/plane where each pixel represents fillType and amount. The default resolution is a compromise between visual detail and performance.
You could try to fiddle around with the 'cellSize' (by default 8). A value of eg. 4 should give a better optic, but it increases the filesize and lowers performance.

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