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exporting objects fs 22!

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Created25.11.2021 10:37

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 25.11.2021 10:37

Faced with such a problem, I started the envelope of my card from fs 19 to 22, I export the object and import it to giants 9, but for what reasons he caused the object to curve or move the texture and contort it as he wants, I have been building maps for five years, but with such a problem I stumbled for the first time if anyone knows, tell me)

Daniel Riechmann (Painlich) 25.11.2021 16:03
Same problem here

Alex_nwb (alexandr) 25.11.2021 16:37
Same with me

Alex_nwb (alexandr) 25.11.2021 16:38

Adam Vodicka (Skyfy) 25.11.2021 16:41
Same with me

Tomáš Rypota (Tomasr) 25.11.2021 17:15

Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 25.11.2021 17:42
When importing an FS19 model into Editor 9, a lot of automatic conversion will happen, but some will not. You can import an i3D in FS19 format. It will get converted mostly to FS22 i3D, with some exceptions. The first is that the SHAPES file will not automatically update. To fix that, first open the FS19 i3D file and then save the i3D file from Editor 9. With it will be saved a new FS22 mostly or perfectly converted i3D file and FS22 SHAPES file. I say mostly because the new i3D file may still contain artifacts needing manual correction until a perfect state gets reached, and then the perfect i3D can be saved. What you are seeing in your oil factory now has to do with the artifacts needing correction I describe. It appears l10n XML or LUA files are not touched. There could be some update work to do there. Some base game reference pathing may not work, like something that referenced FS19 base game capability that no longer exists in FS22 base game or same capability but has a new name in FS22. Beyond that you need to convert any terrain normal maps because there is now a new height channel and the smoothness channel got moved, e.g., for example distance textures (old alpha channel is now new smoothness channel). Maybe try setting smoothness values to zero in Material Editing window and see the effect.

Placeable data in object XML, modDesc.xml, shaders, and vehicle data seem to be converting automatically and perfectly, which is a huge boost to the conversion effort. Thank you GIANTS for Editor 9 and all these outstanding upgrades!

I am sure there are more manual conversion steps beyond these, and workflows and conversions from Blender/Maya/3DS Max. Can anyone with more insight and skill than me please add some more advice?

Maël Hamon (Ashtraga) 25.11.2021 20:38
Hi, for me I Giant editor not open and in log it write Warning: Old shape file format version found 'road.i3d.shapes'. and close, how can I do ?

Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 26.11.2021 00:02
Greetings Maël,

What command from the file menu did you use? If you still need advice, may I ask what mod this comes from so I can perhaps replicate the issue?



Joachim Asmussen (Klauinator) 26.11.2021 00:09
hi tac

I have a problem with a road pack that i cant get to working, i wonder if u can help me?


Joachim Asmussen (Klauinator) 26.11.2021 00:14

Maël Hamon (Ashtraga) 26.11.2021 01:13
I think because the shape is too big for GE9 because when I export one road by one road it’s ok… it’s road by spline constructor 1.50 but I have only the right verge looking good but not the left and I don’t know why … I give you a photo tomorrow, I’m actually in my bed aha

Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 26.11.2021 01:19
Greetings Joachim,

I would be glad to assist. May you please explain how I can get a copy of the same road pack, what steps you are following in the workflow, and the error result or problem observed?



Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 26.11.2021 01:36
Greetings Maël,

Indeed that could be an issue since shapes file size has a limit. If that is true, then your solution for exporting it road by road can get you under the file size limit. I am not sure what the roads look like, but they could have extra polygons, and the best way to fix that is reduce the polygons counts in a program like Blender. That also could also solve the issue. The other thing is perhaps you could update spline constructor software to a later version like 1.64. It does seem this software works beautifully but when curves get involved, the number of polygons is quite large, so perhaps you could try to model your own curves or do so in Blender and that will get your model more compact. These are only a few ideas. Maybe will help. What are you doing in bed? You know modders have no time for rest, lol.


Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 26.11.2021 01:40
okay, I calmed down, even if you need to edit the object so that there would be one plane on one grid, I agree, but where is the plug-in of the fucking blender giants 9 developers from the wrong place you made the start! I live in Russia, and if you translate it at the exchange rate in rubles, I bought the game for four thousand rubles! take other projects Cyberpunk 2077 two thousand SnowRunner two thousand with all the additions, but you released a raw game, give me a tool to work with mods, for normal operation! I watched YouTube and there are already plug-ins for giants 9 FSIconGenerator for fs 22, etc. the question is why I don't have this, for such money I would take MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR without an add-on, but I could buy it, very bad!

my mail if you change your mind

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 26.11.2021 01:53
Tac Bravo hi)

I did it, but the result is the same, the texture slides somewhere to the curb and that's it

Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 26.11.2021 03:34
Hi Nikita,

I heard from Stefan in this forum that the other tools will come in days. Thank you for that video. I do not think that is the FS22 exporter shown there yet; nevertheless, it is good to look at those videos and any other great tutorials will help. I am not certain the solution will come from Blender, there might be a simpler way. I am still new to the GIANTS Editor 9 and there is a lot I do not know yet, but I keep working every day. It will be good to achieve Blender mastery for FS22 for sure. If I find anything else, I will let you know. If you can say where the oil factory mod is available for download, I can experiment with that one specifically and perhaps help you better.



Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 26.11.2021 03:54
Tac Bravo Thank you, but I'll still wait for the tools for ge 9, maybe they will bring something, but at the moment I don't see any point in working without a plugin, I don't want to dance with tambourines))

Tac Bravo (TacBravo) 26.11.2021 04:45
Hello Nikita!

Of course! It should not be more than another week, or so, until we have the tools. In the meantime, there is an endless list of other things to achieve! Until then, I will keep looking to see if I can find anything that will help us here.



Joachim Asmussen (Klauinator) 26.11.2021 12:30
Taco Can u contact me on e-mail?
Because Then i Can send u the Road pack

My mail:


Joachim Asmussen (Klauinator) 26.11.2021 17:19
When i take the road pack and try to open it in giants 9 the roads just turn black, or something missing

Joachim Asmussen (Klauinator) 26.11.2021 17:30
When i take the road pack and try to open it in giants 9 the roads just turn black, or something missing

Joachim Asmussen (Klauinator) 26.11.2021 17:30
When i take the road pack and try to open it in giants 9 the roads just turn black, or something missing

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