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Missing ingame (inner) map

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Created27.11.2021 03:08

Matthias Ritz (matze78) 27.11.2021 03:08
Hi, I created a mod map by creating a new mod from game content in the editor.I have worked my way in so far that I can remove and add objects, edit fields and terrain, etc. Now when I start the mod in game, the textures of the overview map are missing. The background is red, with the inscription "Inner Map". Am I missing something?

Florian Lalala (schulle334) 27.11.2021 05:44
look in "Farming Simulator 22\data\maps\*mapAlpine\" ...cope and paste the in your modMap

*or the two other maps

Matthias Ritz (matze78) 27.11.2021 20:37
simple as that, thanks

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