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Alpine base map not working

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Created27.11.2021 19:50

Peter Schmidlechner (Mihbosaua_Peda) 27.11.2021 19:50
I wantet to make a map with the objects and texturs from the alpine map, but i cant start it in game, i changed nothing in the editor to test if i would even work wihtout any aditions to the map. It didnt. I tryed it wit the FR and the US map and they workt tolaly fine even after i made some chaches to the map like a little hill or some aditional trees and so on. I dont know where the problem is but i really want to work wit the alpine map as a base. If someone could help me i would be very thankful.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2021 20:10
Then you did something wrong. Works fine here.
Look into the game log for errors.

Peter Schmidlechner (Mihbosaua_Peda) 27.11.2021 20:58
Oh, tanks, now i found what was wrong. Didn't know there is a Game log

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