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Texture Format - Ground and Fillplanes

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Created29.11.2021 02:26

Steven F Austin (jwaine316) 29.11.2021 02:26
I'm trying to add in some custom ground textures for FS22, such as textures for mining products like coal, ore, etc. The problem is, I cannot figure out which format to save the textures in. I have tried for hours using saving in almost every format, Photoshop with the NVIDIA plugin, Intel Texture Works plugin, GIMP using an overwrite save, nothing works.

It says its not in the same format as the other textures.

From my tests I think they are in a BC7 format with 3 channels - but getting the 3 channels to save continues to be an issue. I'm assuming that the Fillplanes will also be a problem.

After spending hours on this, I'm convinced that there must be some kind of tool for this from GIANTS. Anyone have any other ideas for these textures?

Lsfarming Mods (Farmer_Andy) 30.11.2021 07:30
look at this

Hungrycowdesign (HungryCow212) 30.11.2021 20:11
Here's a (hopefully) temporary solution:

Steven F Austin (jwaine316) 30.11.2021 23:13
Awesome thank you!! This works great.

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