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cant open fs19 map in giants ver 9

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Created01.12.2021 06:18

Clint Richardson (sfinxxxxx) 01.12.2021 06:20
is there a reason why fs 19 maps wont open on giants ver 9, and is there a work around

Noah Wagnières (actinium) 01.12.2021 07:17
Yes because GE9 is made for fs22...

To open a fs19 map you have to use GE8.x.x

Achim Kuntz (Achimobil) 01.12.2021 08:01
I habe the same. On opening the 9er Editor ask zu convert. Then he convert. The conversion results is full of errors in the shader file paths and after solving these by hand the editor loads the map and than crash. Any ideas?

Markus Othmer (Muckefuck) 01.12.2021 11:02
Have you changed the Installation Path (in Editor: File -> Preferences ->Installation Path) from 19 to 22?

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 01.12.2021 12:02
There is a workaround. Manualy rename and copy over gdm grle and other files from that folder. [notice] Foliage layers are not in the same order, you will have to either repaint or change it by editing the order with text editor.
Then export tranform groups like trees and other stuff with ge8 and then import with ge9. Trees are also different with different file paths, so you will hawe to import some of new trees and use replace function to swap old models to new ones.

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